What we’ve learned

What we’ve learned – 4.7.17

Okay my first blog, so I thought I’d focus on last month and what we have learned!

I’m sorry Shaun.  Don’t rush surveys when it is pouring very heavily with rain!  I went to survey a pub and when I arrived the heavens opened.  I learned that a simple raincoat or umbrella or an interesting combination would have saved us money.  I went around the site and failed to notice one of the car park signs was double sided!  Having given an “all in” option on the quotation, I had to make the other side of the sign for free.  The client was cool, it was my choice but we lost £100. So I have now bought a rather fetching pack-a-mack for ten pounds which will protect me from another down-pour as it is bound to happen again!

Actually, I would like to be shot.  We work on a very tight schedule here and we aim to get most jobs turned around within a week. In the office we are very strict with our working hours and finishing on time. As a result we have always completed jobs, thanked the client and scarpered, but since we have been working on a social media presence we have been taking pictures and we have discovered how proud we feel about our work and now we have visual examples to show our clients.

It’s not Hip Hop it’s Electro.  Usually people sadly want the cheapest option possible a lot of the time. Now we are posting online we are giving our clients their “Bronze” option but we are now backing this up with a Silver and Gold option.  We are finding more and more people are going for the Silver or Gold option because they appreciate how much a well thought out and eye-catching design can bring them more business.

Can I get any of you a drink?  We used to support a big local event with huge amounts of signage.  It was always very last minute and not hugely appreciated and now we have our own foundation where we donate banners to local charities and organisations who qualify.  We recently donated free signage to a student radio station and they kindly reciprocated with 140 free advertising slots!

Any Zombies out there?  From time to time peculiar things happen, like things landing in our laps or things disappearing.  We seem to have lost an entire roll of vinyl.  50m of high quality printing vinyl.  It seems to have been delivered, the documentation supports this, but it has in fact disappeared.  Lesson:  Check delivery notes.  It takes a few seconds to read it properly before you sign for it.  Could potentially save you hundreds.  Lap-land. So a customer just happens to have a banner welding machine which we have always considered buying but costs thousands.  Our customer heard about one for sale and bagged us a very good deal on it.  These will increase the types of banners we can do and save us hundreds in welding tape.

Player Two has left the game! So if you need pub signs, a good source for water proof jackets, a friendly ear to listen to your requirements, you are an organisation that needs a bit of support with free banners or you know where our roll of vinyl went, give us a ring, email or pop in 8am – 4pm

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