Community Projects and Saving People Money

Happy Autumn!  Too soon?

After years of giving stuff away, helping local causes, charities and the general community, we decided to actually create a foundation to log all of what we give away, whether it’s time or products and we have launched

We suddenly realised that we have been giving away about £4000 a year and have now started to structure it so that everyone can see us and not just people we know or come into contact get the benefit.  Look on the site for more –

Free Business Branding Guide

One of our biggest problems is people going here, there and everywhere to try and achieve what they need out of their branding for the budget they intend and sadly it often shows.  Poor branding, nothing matching, cheap products from online services and often visual mistakes that people don’t notice until it’s too late.  Stick with one company (hopefully us!) and we will guide you throughout.

Please email if you are interested in our free branding guide, we can post one out to you!

Anyway I’m off to get the fire going and watch a box-set!

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